I hope you’re all doing well. I’m squeezing in a quick update tonight for the grow tent, but before that, I want to give a shout-out to user Noel for sharing his latest build using Citizen chips. Here’s the final product:

Noel’s COB garden.

What an upgrade from the interim CFL setup! The garden’s looking great. Check out the rest of the build pics in the forums here.

Now, back to the tent. I’ve been harvesting a lot of lettuce lately – it’s great being able to just pop down to the basement and cut a few leaves off to throw in my lunch. This week, I also chopped down my few chives to throw into a meal. We’ll see how they grow back – this is the first time I’ve grown them. If they don’t come back, I’ll just replant a whole bunch in a single 1 gallon pot.

Billy the rosemary is chugging along, and the hydro stuff is doing alright, but needs to be fed again. On the bottom shelf, the tomatoes are starting to flower, but some of the leaves have turned dark and brittle around their edges… Anyone know what might cause this and what the fix would be? It’s not only at the top, but on the bottom parts of the plants too. Check out the pics below and maybe some of you plant people can help me out!

Top Shelf

I’ve eaten a lot of lettuce already, and trimmed the cilantro back considerably – it was growing into the lights.

7 Pot bubblegum pepper is coming along.

Billy does what Billy wants to do.

Bottom Shelf

It’s been warm enough this week to go without heating the tent.

Chopped chives. They were tasty.

Flowers are starting to show up!

Most of the new growth looks fine.

Some is affected though.

Crunchy edges.