2016-2017 Winter Grow: 01-18-17

What’s goin’ on?

Life is good here. Most of the plants in my little grow tent are doing quite well right now, with the exception of the tomatoes, which have endured some abuse in the past couple weeks. I’m having some difficulty striking a balance between giving the tomatoes enough light, while not frying all the greens on my upper shelf. I’ve been lazy lately, and have been adjusting my dimmer by feel without measuring the output – I took my ammeter down with me the other day and was surprised to see I had turned the current all the way down to 400mA!

The greens on the top shelf are thriving in the low light, but the tomatoes have noticeably suffered. They’re getting a little spindly and are much less dense than I’d like them to be. I also screwed up by setting the knob on my little ceramic heater a bit too high – when I first turned it up a tad, the temperature in the tent was 15 degrees Celsius. When I returned a couple hours later to check on it, it was almost 40 fucking degrees in there – I swear I only turned the knob up a hair, too. A lot of the branches on the tomatoes got cooked, unfortunately, and I had to prune a bunch of the lower stuff so they’re looking extra leggy now. I am starting to see tiny little tomatoes emerge from the flowers though, so that’s exciting.

My 7 pot bubblegum pepper is also finally starting to make progress – he’ll need a transplant shortly to a 1 gallon container. The lettuce and cilantro have been churning out growth and it’s been awesome to be able to just pop down to the basement and trim off a bag full of lettuce for a salad or whatever. I planted a clove of garlic for shits the other day too – we’ll see how that pans out. My one stupid basil plant was also on the bottom shelf when I created the accidental sauna – it lost its main leaves but it looks like it’s trying to push out new ones. If it actually survives, I’m going to save the seeds because this little warrior’s genetics should definitely be passed down to a future generation of super-basils.

My 7 Pot Bubblegum Pepper

The coolest looking plant in the tent.

So much lettuce.

I lowered the top shelf considerably so I could turn the lights up brighter for the tomatoes on the bottom.

New growth is looking a little better.

Some of these flowers are putting out wee little tomatoes. Not these slackers, though.

Casey surveys the damage.


  1. My guess is that it just too cold for them, tomatoes like it good and hot. Your not setting the pots directly on the floor? Light should not be a problem with tomatoes, I grow them on the south side of my garage, and they get blasted with about 9 hours of sirect sun and never had a problem, it’s got to be temps.

    • LEDGardener

      January 19, 2017 at 8:29 pm

      Yeah – I think I wasn’t giving them enough light for the last little while, but the heat is likely the bigger issue. I’m contemplating taking the tent upstairs into my office, wife permitting.

      • Just as long as I keep all my garden stuff confined to the closet wife is ok with it. It is nice having your garden in more of a controlled enviroment, easier to deal with. I would keep an indoor garden all year round but we don’t have central air and usually don’t put the window unit in unless it gets unbareable in the summer.

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