2016-2017 Winter Grow: 02-09-17

Hey all!

Today, our cold snap finally broke and it warmed up to a reasonable -12 or so. It’s supposed to be above 0 degrees this weekend, so I’m pumped. When it was a chilly -30 the other day, I finally decided to move my grow tent up into my office where it’s nice and warm and the plants have already responded without a doubt.

I have eaten a lot of what I’ve grown so far, and the number of plants that remain is dwindling – I’ve chewed through chives, lettuce, and cilantro alike. The lone basil survivor is well on its way to becoming a real basil plant, and the tomatoes are putting out nice new green growth. I got rid of the dying, brown, scraggly tomatoes and pruned back the remaining 3 I kept. One of them had a few tomatoes on it and a lot of new flowers, so I left it long and spindly. I intend to try and keep the newly pruned ones shorter and bushier.

My bucket peppers are also doing very well – the last picture is the four of them together when I watered them tonight. I’ll be updating that grow in more detail soon.

I hit this fella with some nutes today. That should green up the new growth a little.

The garlic clove I planted a few weeks back. It worked!

My newly up-potted 7-Pot Bubblegum pepper

The scraggly, spindly, flowery one.

This guy is short, stout, and strong. Looking better for sure.

3000K and 5000K Bucket Peppers – Can you tell which is which? I can’t without checking. From left to right: 3000K Chocolate Brainstrain, 5000K Chocolate Brainstrain, 3000K Caramel Moruga Scorpion, and 5000K Caramel Moruga in bottom right.



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