Hi all,

I’ve been on a week-long hiatus due to being super busy with work and getting sick, but I aim to get back on track. It’s been awhile since I updated my tent and 3000K vs 5000K grows, so here are some pictures.

Grow Tent

I’ve made a lot of changes in the tent:

  • I’ve completed harvested all my lettuce, which I was really impressed with. I ended up getting a ton from these lettuce plants and will definitely grow it again.
  • I pulled my garlic plant since it was starting to yellow and the shoots were falling over – it produced a little tiny bulb, but was mostly roots. I think I’d have to  introduce a cold period in order to get the garlic to grow properly, but it was fun to try for shits and it looked nice anyway.
  • I decided to let one of my Mexico Midget tomato plants go without plucking the sucker shoots. The thing has gone nuts and is taking  over the tent – I count about 20 little tomatoes growing on it now with twice that many flowers that haven’t converted yet.
  • I’ve started some other plants that I intend to transplant outside, including brussels sprouts, spinach, more tomatoes, and more basil. These are all on my windowsill now since I didn’t have any room in the tent – I intend to pick up more lights and increase my grow space to accommodate.

3000K vs. 5000K

My plants have outgrown their buckets so I’ve transplanted them into some ~4 gallon fabric pots that I made last summer. I have set up my Vero 18s each in their own closet and tried to space the plants the same distance from each light.

Unfortunately, last week, there was an incident. I had placed all 4 plants on the ground and was vacuuming up some soil around them when my precious pupper decided she was going to attack the vacuum. She mustered up the courage and took a wild swipe at it with one of her paws, but missed, and ended up BREAKING ONE OF MY PEPPER PLANTS IN HALF. It was sort of like that app “Fruit Ninja,” except instead of fruits, it was a vegetable, and instead of getting points for slicing them, Casey received  a string of profanity – the likes of which she may never hear again. Needless to say, I can no longer really compare the Chocolate Brain Strains anymore, but I’m still going to grow the broken one.

The 5000K scorpion has really taken off and it’s much larger than its 3000K counterpart. Both are producing a lot of flowers, though they’re still just dropping off at this point. Whenever I get the chance, I make an effort to buzz them with my little electric toothbrush that I’ve repurposed for this task, but I haven’t successfully pollinated any yet.

5000K Scorpion on the left, 3000K Scorpion on the right.

5000K Scorpion on the right, 3000K Scorpion on the left.

The Chocolate Brain Strains. Notice one is a little smaller?

Curse you, pupper! She broke off a massive branch right where it forks.

So smug about it. I can’t stay mad at this face though.

High tech lighting support system in the closet.

That’s all for now!