Hey everyone.

Hope you all had a nice weekend! We had a taste of Spring last week with +10 degree Celsius weather, but were thrown right back into the dead of Winter on Saturday with nearly a foot of fresh snow and lows in the -20C range. Not wanting to go anywhere with all the snow, I found myself with some time to spare so I modified my little DIY grow tent in order to create a bit more space for my plants.

Before, the shelves were stacked vertically like this:

It worked well, but I found the shelves weren’t deep enough, and I’ll need to transplant a few plants into bigger containers very soon. The idea I came up with was to zip-tie the two shelves that hold my lights together and create one big shelf for my lights, while keeping all the plants on the floor. Once the shelves were tied together, I just moved two of the posts to the far side of the second shelf. It actually worked pretty well! I also added two boot trays to the bottom of the tent so I could water all the plants without worrying about leaking onto my finished floor. They fit nearly perfectly. Here’s the finished product:

The new tent, featuring my frog humidifier. Cute little bugger.

I have about 10 Ty-Raps holding the 2 shelves together in the middle. These things are good for everything.

The tent takes up a little more space in the office now but I think it’s still reasonable. Right? Back me up here, people.

Ah, space.

I’ve gotten so much lettuce from these plants, but they’re slowly starting to die off. Time to plant some new stuff soon.

The garlic I planted a few weeks back is doing quite well.

I’m letting the cilantro flower just because I wanted to see what it looked like. It’s kind of pretty.

It’s always nice having fresh herbs on hand for cooking.

I’m making use of the heat my lights put out by putting my germinating tray between them.

I started some new seeds this weekend including spinach, Brussells sprouts, parsley, more chives, and more tomatoes. Can’t wait for them to pop!

I’m starting a bunch of parsley and chives in these 1-gallon pots.

Have a good week y’all and stay tuned for the mid-week post!