2016-2017 Winter Grow: 04-19-17 & 3000K vs 5000K Update


  1. Thats great that you got some peppers forming and tomatoes, it’s always great when the effort put in starts paying off. I’m thinking I should start getting a few flowers in a couple weeks. You might try flushing the weird one out real good with straight water and see if it snaps out of it, looks plenty green maybe it’s getting too much of something. Upped my timer to 16 hours a day and they are taking off, still had it at 10 and wasn’t thinking, Going to try to keep all 8 kratky peppers inside but I’m sure I’ll be getting cramped for space sooner than I think, especially since I know that a few varietys will produce some good sized peppers, probably have to transfer a few into buckets and put them outside, got a duplicate set of them going in a peat mix for the outside garden which I am getting a very late start at this year. The first nutrient addition I add to the containers I’m going to cut back on the calcum nitrate to 1/4 strength, something I have not previously done in the past with master blend but I’ve been told it will be better for flowering due to the reduced nitrogen and avoid possible flower drop.

    • LEDGardener

      April 20, 2017 at 10:52 pm

      Noel! Do you have any recent pics of your plants? Would love to see how they’re doing. What types of peppers are you growing again?

      I flushed that pepper plant out pretty good (that’s why it was in the tote) so we’ll see what happens. I feel like it’s so much easier to fix problems like this with hydro as opposed to soil.

      I’m sure your plants are happy to have another 6 hours of light. I run mine for 14 hours right now.

      Do you add a number of other ingredients to your master blend as well? I was just chatting with another dude about Masterblend just yesterday and how everyone has their own little recipe for it. I’ve read something about cutting nitrogen to promote better flowering – haven’t seen calcium nitrate in particular though. I hope it goes well for you.

      • I’m growing just about every sweet pepper variety that ohio heirloom seeds had, figured i’d get away from the jalapeños and go with sweet peppers. They just started to get going good the last week or so, a few aren’t forming air roots as much as I would like to see but still doing ok. Got a little bit of edema on a few leaves on one of them but I have had that before with peppers, it usually goes away. The fertilizer mix is the same strength I give for lettuce, 10g masterblend, 10g cal nitrate, and 5g epsom salt, per 5 gal. started them off easy since I put them in the contaners very early. Have never seen much difference in that strength and the full 12-12-6 concentration at least for stuff thats still vegging. That nunez pepper guy says he 1/4 strenghts the cal nitrate when they start flowering so I’m going to try that this year, the masterblend still has plenty of nitrogen in it on its own. Was going to buy a fan for the closet but my hoarding payed off as I still had the guts out of the old dehumidifier out on the garage, took the jig saw to all the extra stuff around the blower, took it fully apart and cleaned it well and it makes for a decent fan. Pulls about 40 watts powered on the low wire, thought that was a little much but it’s less than any other fan we have and it puts out a good amount of air, I knew I kept it for something. https://imgur.com/gallery/0SK95

        • LEDGardener

          April 21, 2017 at 8:47 pm

          Those plants look great and thanks for the “recipe”.

          Shit, is there anything in your house you can’t make a fan out of? Hahaha you’re one resourceful MF.

  2. Picked up a sdr-240-48 the other day, put in a what the hell starting bid as a fluke totally expecting to get outbid, ended up getting it for 10.50. It will give me a project to work on going into next winter I guess. Maybe use it to power a few quantum boards in the future. I wonder if HLG if they get some stock built up that is, has an actual retail store. They are less than 2 hours away from me and I’m usually down that way a few times a year.

    • LEDGardener

      April 26, 2017 at 8:58 pm

      Wicked! What a steal.

      From what I gather, HLG is the collaboration of Johnson Grow Lights and Northern Grow Lights who are both very active on rollitup. I doubt there is a store but I’m sure they’d let you pick up.

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