2016-2017 Winter Grow: 11-30-16

Well, it’s been another week for my indoor winter grow, and things have really changed!

The tomatoes are going bananas! Or nuts. Or whatever food metaphor you prefer – in short, they’re hauling ass. It’s crazy how much they’ve grown in a week. Overall, the plants in soil have really impressed me.

The lettuce and basil plants are also taking off, while the cilantro and chives are a little slower. A lot of the cilantro plants have grown a very thin stem and are falling over – I’m hoping I can just bury them a little deeper in soil and stand them straight up. The lone rosemary plant (I feel like it needs a name at this point – I’m thinking Billy) is still moving at a glacial pace, but as long as Billy stays alive, I’m happy. The peppers are coming along as well; they’re almost ready for a transplant. I’ll be sending a few of them to the space buckets I built to see how they do under different color temperatures.

The hydro plants have hardly grown, but they are responding to stronger nutrients. I’ve noticed new, green growth on the tomatoes, and the rest of the plants seem to be slowly coming alive as well. I think they’re going to take off soon and grow like crazy. I’m concerned the coco cilantro won’t make it, but send along all your hopes and prayers and likes and shares and we’ll all get through this together.

Indoor garden LED tomatoes, chives, basil, lettuce, cilantro

The green oasis in my dingy basement.

Indoor garden super hot peppers

Peppers taking their sweet time.

Indoor LED COB garden cilantro

I hear Sarah McLachlan music when I see this sad cilantro plant.

LED COB indoor garden coco coir

The coco plants plotting their uprising.

DIY LED COB indoor garden chives

Chives are getting tall!

LED COB basil plants

Big old basil leaves. The last time I started basil from seed and the plants were about this size, my wife picked off one of the 2 big leaves from one of them, claiming it was “ready”. I was incredulous. The plant lived though so no lessons were learned.

Growing tomatoes indoors with LED

Tomatoes standing tall.

DIY LED indoor garden tomatoes


LED COB indoor lettuce grow

The merlot lettuce is starting to take on a reddish tinge – neat!

That’s it for now! Time to take the dog for a walk and enjoy the cold, dark, desolate Canadian winter air.


  1. Loving the garden. I’m especially surprised by your lettuce since it looks so healthy, also the basil and the peppers. In fact, everything looks so happy. They’re loving that lighting and whatever you’re doing.

    Thanks for sharing =] And please keep it up!

    • LEDGardener

      November 30, 2016 at 11:36 pm

      Thank you! My secret is to put them through a program that is essentially CrossFit for plants – you’ve got to keep them guessing. After leaving them in peace for a few days, I’ll come in with a vacuum, knock a few containers over, and accidentally suck one of the plants up into the hose. PLANT CONFUSION!

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