2016-2017 Winter Grow: 12-07-16

In the first week of December, things went well for everything in the tent… except for the basil. Something has gone terribly wrong!

A Mass Basilcide

I came downstairs one morning to see that the fan that usually blows air into the tent had not come on, and that humidity was 100% in the tent – all the plants’ leaves were covered in water droplets and I think this may have caused the mass basilcide. I think the water droplets on the leaves may have magnified the light coming down from the COBs and blasted the basil, but the thing that doesn’t agree with this theory is that the tomatoes, which are taller, seemed to come out nearly unscathed. Some of the tomato leaves are a bit crunchy now, but I think they’ll be fine. The basil, on the other hand, will be touch and go.

The other thing I was thinking is that regardless of that one massive humidity swing, maybe the basil is getting too much light, as they were getting fairly close to the COBs. Maybe they’re just a bunch of punks that talk a big game but can’t take real light.

The final theory I have is that it got too cold in the tent for the basil. It can dip down to 15 degrees in there when it gets cold outside (it’s been around -20C here the past couple days). I can’t see this temperature being a real problem though, as it’s like that outdoors Spring and Fall. Ever seen basil that looks like the pictures below? Any other ideas?

A sorry looking bunch.

The leaves have brownish-clear soft spots in the middle.

This guy is in the best shape. He is also the shortest.

Changes to the Lights & Shelves

As the plants are getting taller and will need transplants into bigger containers soon, I decided to lower my top plant shelf to make more space between the plants and the lights above. I’ve split the lights up as well – 2 on the top, and 2 on the bottom. This should help lessen the intensity of the light falling on the more sensitive herbs… I will continue to water using organic, gender-neutral water as well.

The Top Shelf


Cilantro, chives, and lettuce.

The coco plants are definitely making progress now! Poor bastards are freezing though. Note that the short coco basil is also looking pretty good. Makes me think the taller stuff got too much light.

I’ve got to get these peppers into cups this weekend.

The Bottom Shelf

Tomatoes, lettuce, and basil.

I’ve been trying to pluck all the sucker shoots from the tomatoes to keep them growing straight.

Lettuce is doing great.

The Plot Twist of the Century

Remember Billy? The little rosemary that could? Get this. He has a roommate. This lazy little idiot decided to pop up this week and scrounge around for some light and food. I think I’m going to try and dig him out before he roots too deeply and throw him in his own cup!

Quaaaaaid… Start the reactor




  1. It looks like light burn to me, probably a combination of high temp and light intensity, strange though that the lettuce did not get effected, usually the lettuce will be the first to wilt under those conditions. have found that greens need way less light to grow just fine, you have to remember those 3590’s put out a serious amount of light especially if you got your drver cranked up all the way. You might want to spread your lights out a bit to where you have an equal amount of space between the lights and the walls of your shelf, opps never mind that I see it looks like a bar in the shelf is right on those spots it looks like.

    • LEDGardener

      December 8, 2016 at 12:42 pm

      Thanks for weighing in! I’m leaning toward this idea as well. My lights have been turned down to about 700mA since day 1. I may turn them up when the tomatoes are more mature because I think they’ll take almost all the light I can give them. The fact that I had all 4 above the one shelf may have compounded to too much light, especially over the herbs.

      You’re right – there is a bar right in the way of each spot you mentioned. I might be able to push them apart a little more though.

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