2016-2017 Winter Grow: 12-14-16

Time for another little update. For the most part, everything is going well but the basil is basically all dead. Even the new leaves aren’t looking good – I think they were just in too bad of shape to recover. Fortunately, I do have one basil left in coco that’s going strong! The rest of the plants in soil are looking really good.

The coco plants are getting a bit yellow, so I think I’ll have to feed them again. I’m going to give them another day to dry out a little more, then I’ll hit them with some nutes…

Cilantro standing tall.

Billy just chillin’.

Top shelf looking good.

They lived! It’s about time for more nutrients though.

Bottom shelf plants have all been moved to one side to make room for the heater.

Tomatoes getting taller.

Poor basil 🙁

Slow-ass peppers.



  1. Your tent looks better and better as time passes. I’m not considering on building me a similar setup. How light-proof is your tent with the poly tarp? Would you recommend it again after trying it?

    • LEDGardener

      December 21, 2016 at 6:52 pm

      Thanks! The tent is damn near 100% light proof. The poly does not emit any light whatsoever – the only light that comes through is from the part of the door that I have cracked open to pass the cables through. You could also run these cables through the side of the tent and seal them in, which would allow you to completely seal the door and have the whole thing blacked out.

      I will take a quick video tonight when I get home from work and link it in a comment here to show you. I would definitely build another tent like this if I had more lights – I may try to find a cheaper shelf to bring the price down even further.

    • LEDGardener

      December 21, 2016 at 6:53 pm

      As promised: https://youtu.be/k4UbyaUn4UY

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