Today was a big day in my little garden.

I picked up more soil and a buttload of 1 gallon pots on my way home from work, and finally potted up my plants! A good chunk of them were on the verge of becoming root bound, so I’m glad I didn’t wait much longer. I decided to mix in a bag of perlite with my soil in an attempt to improve aeration. Hopefully these little guys transition smoothly – it’s starting to look like a real garden now!

I ended up culling a lot of the weaker plants, in order to make room for the strong ones. I also had to pick and choose which varieties I wanted to keep more of, and I think I ended up with a good mix. As I continue to pot these plants up, I’ll likely have to get rid of a few more in order to maintain room in the tent. As the coco plants are still a ways behind, I have left them in their cups for now. It’s great to see that they are making progress though! It looks like I still have 1 basil survivor in coco, which is awesome.

I ended up keeping 1 of the little pepper plants (a 7 Pot Bubblegum Red) in the tent and sent 1 Chocolate Brainstrain to each of my space buckets. Stay tuned this week, as I’ll be updating that grow as well.

Before the Move

The red cups served me well!

Getting crowded down here.

The Transplant

I love potting up plants, because it gives you the chance to get a good look at the roots and get a feel for how the different types of plants are doing. My plants seem to be doing great. The roots are pretty dense and are all a nice white color. Even the plants with the most roots (tomatoes, lettuce) were just starting to get root-bound, and had not wrapped around the cup too much.

As always, Casey inspected the new product thoroughly.

Tomato roots.

Lettuce roots.

Chives – most of the chives don’t have much for roots yet.


Lettuce #2.

New Homes

The new soil plant totals are:

1x Billy the Rosemary
1x Basil (godspeed, little fella)
2x Cilantro
3x Chives
4x Tomatoes
5x Lettuce


Please send all the likes and shares you can muster to the basil in the bottom left.


Finally, enjoy a bonus video of Casey trying to squeak her god-forsaken little football that no longer squeaks, THANK GOD.


See you next week!