Month: June 2017

DIY LM561C Build – Grow Update

Hey all,

It’s a long weekend for me (Canada day – huzzah!), so I’m really phoning this week’s post in so I can get oot and aboot. The wife and I are making super-deluxe poutine tomorrow with ALL the fixin’s (sour cream, onions, bacon, smoked meat, cheese curds [of course], and 2 types of gravy), and I’m SO excited to laze around, eat poutine, and drink beer tomorrow. I racked my brain for something simple to write about tonight and decided I’d snap a few quick pictures of my plants that I’m growing under my DIY LM561C strip build and share.

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HLG Quantum Board Kit Review: Part 3 – PPFD Measurements

The final video for the Quantum Board Kit review. Thanks again to HLG for sending the kits – these things rock!

HLG Quantum Board Kit Review: Part 2 – Operation & Analysis

In this second video, we’ll go over how to dim each of the QB kits, then take a closer look at the LM561C, and how the Quantum Boards are physically laid out. We’ll also cover wiring the boards in series and parallel, and look at how to properly match QBs with drivers so you can expand your kit or upgrade your driver. The next and final video in the review will review PPFD results from each of the kits and go over some final thoughts after using them.

Check Out the New Forum

I’ve had a number of requests to add a forum lately and I love the idea.

Rather than just communicate on a one-to-one basis via email, I’d really like to put all of these questions and answers out in the open so others can benefit and participate in the discussion as well. I had initially tried a forum several months ago using a WordPress plugin, but I found it sort of lacking and was immediately overrun with spam registrations and other bullshit. After messing with a few different forums, I settled on phpBB and like how it works so far.

Now, I definitely need your help to get this thing going. If you like the site, have a question, or just want to chat with like-minded people who enjoy this hobby, I encourage you to sign up and make a post. I’ve talked with so many interesting people with great ideas and insights just through the “Contact” button on the site, and would love to get these ideas and inspirations out where everyone can see them, critique them, adopt them, improve them, and so on. One of my main goals when I started writing here was to really focus on community and bring other people who are into this little niche together – I think this is the way to do it and I hope to see you all there.

The addition of the forum doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing the blog – I intend to continue doing what I’m doing – this is just a means to get everyone more involved and get some input from all of the brilliant minds out there.

I’ve added a link to the forum on the main menu, or you can just punch in to reach it as well. Without a doubt, things will be rocky to start, but we’ll get it figured. As always, I’m open to feedback as well.

Now get your ass over there and post something!



HLG Quantum Board Kit Review: Part 1 – Assembly

This video documents my assembly of the 90 watt, 135 watt, and 260 watt versions of Horticulture Lighting Group’s Quantum Board kits. In next week’s video, we’ll look into how the boards work, how to dim them properly, and how to expand your light with additional boards. Shoutout to HLG for sending me these kits to experiment with!

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