The buckets are in business!

This will be super-short tonight as I’m totally wiped from doing flooring all weekend. I’m going to be pathetic tomorrow – just a whiny, sore, miserable, slug of a human being. I’m almost done though… Just 3/4 of a staircase to go.

Back on topic: I was concerned that my space bucket peppers would never bounce back but it appears they have. Currently, I’m getting mixed results from the 2 different types of peppers, which is probably just due to the fact that I have such a tiny sample size for this little experiment.

For the Moruga scorpions, the 3000K plant is a little ways behind, but looking at the Chocolate Brainstrains, the 3000K is a little further ahead. Now that they’re up and running, it’ll be really interesting to see what sort of shape the plants take and how fast they grow compared to one another. The temperature in both of the buckets is hovering around 25 degrees (77 degrees F) now that I’ve moved them upstairs into the closet. I think this big boost in temperature has made all the difference for these guys.