Hey all.

My bucket peppers are looking pretty healthy.  It’s interesting to see how the 2 types of plants look so different now – it’s easy to tell the Scorpions from the Brainstrains, but it’s difficult to tell which are 3000K and which are 5000K plants. At this point, they are still nearly indistinguishable. The 3000K Scorpion has more bulk to it than its 5000K counterpart, but the Brainstrain plants are very similar in size and structure.

I think the timing for Spring is going to work out very nicely for these plants; usually, I’m moving plants outside in the first week of June. These guys should have an excellent head start on producing peppers before it gets too cold again at the end of August. I really shouldn’t even be thinking of this summer coming to an end yet though! Spring is still a ways away so I’ve got plenty of time to enjoy scooping frozen dog shit off my barren tundra wasteland of a lawn before the birds start singing and the icicles start melting.

Here’s how things look:

Height is similar between the Scorpions. Looks like the 5000K is beginning to fork.

A top-down view shows how much bushier the 3000K Scorpion is.

3000K Brainstrain is a tad taller.

Fairly similar bulk though.