Happy New Year!

I’ve been putting this update off for a long time because things have not gone well and I was sort of disappointed. Nevertheless, here’s where we’re at with the space buckets.

Mexico Midget Tomatoes

As predicted by user noel, the mighty tomatoes could not be contained by the 5 gallon pails, despite expanding them vertically. I’d have to spend a small fortune on 5 gallon pails in order to expand them high enough to make this work – my lesson learned here is that I should have used a tote or plastic garbage can instead of pails for these veggies. I thought that I might be able to top them and find a way to limit their height, but even if I had figured that out, they were also still fairly burnt from getting too close to the light in the first week (and, truth be told, I neglected them too long at the start to notice!).

On 12/21/16, I decided to scrap the tomato plants and just focus on the pepper seedlings. I think watching the seedlings grow will be a better indicator of the differences between the lights anyway, as the tomatoes were already significantly developed in comparison.

Here’s what the slightly crispy tomatoes looked like in their final hours (tear!):

5000K On the left, 3000K on the right. The difference in color between the 2 plants is quite pronounced.

From above. It’s difficult to see, but both were just starting to produce flowers.

Pepper Seedlings

It seems that the pepper seedlings suffered from my neglect as well, though I’ve hopefully got things back on track since I cut the power to each of the lights in half by paralleling both COBs onto just one of the drivers. I’ve also brought the buckets up into a warm closet upstairs, as they haven’t been growing anywhere near as quickly as they should be in the cold basement. Since I removed the tomatoes, I figured I would replace them with something and decided to put 1x Chocolate Brainstrain pepper in each of the buckets on 12/21/16. These guys were initially under the 3500K lights in my main tent, and are looking promising.

New additions.

A couple rough looking peppers – hang in there, lil’ fellas!

Again, I’m disappointed that this didn’t work out as expected, but I remain optimistic for the peppers and will strive to update this more regularly. Until next time!