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2016-2017 Winter Grow: 12-07-16

In the first week of December, things went well for everything in the tent… except for the basil. Something has gone terribly wrong!

A Mass Basilcide

I came downstairs one morning to see that the fan that usually blows air into the tent had not come on, and that humidity was 100% in the tent – all the plants’ leaves were covered in water droplets and I think this may have caused the mass basilcide. I think the water droplets on the leaves may have magnified the light coming down from the COBs and blasted the basil, but the thing that doesn’t agree with this theory is that the tomatoes, which are taller, seemed to come out nearly unscathed. Some of the tomato leaves are a bit crunchy now, but I think they’ll be fine. The basil, on the other hand, will be touch and go.

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2016-2017 Winter Grow: 11-30-16

Well, it’s been another week for my indoor winter grow, and things have really changed!

The tomatoes are going bananas! Or nuts. Or whatever food metaphor you prefer – in short, they’re hauling ass. It’s crazy how much they’ve grown in a week. Overall, the plants in soil have really impressed me.

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2016-2017 Winter Grow: 11-23-16

Things are cookin’ now, boys and girls. Well, some things are cookin’.

Finding myself with a little free time the other day, I decided it’d be a good idea to pot up my seedlings from their little starter plugs to their new homes in red plastic cups (I didn’t splurge for the name brand because the savings were off the chart).  At this point, everything in soil is doing really well, but my hydro plants have definitely fallen behind, despite having a really strong start. The problem I’m facing with the hydroponic plants is that the coco coir is holding far too much moisture. I don’t want to over-water the plants in coco, but I need to feed them their nutrients so I sort of have to! I did the transplant this weekend and it feels as if the coco cups are just as wet as when I started them.

Hopefully the nutes turn the hydro plants around and they take off. Otherwise, it might be all soil this time!

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2016-2017 Winter Grow: 11-16-16

Well, it’s been another week of my little seedlings growing away. I’m starting to see a lot of true leaves now, which is exciting. I’ve got to figure out what I’ll transplant these guys into next! I’m thinking I’ll end up throwing them into Solo cups like last year’s winter grow, as it worked quite well.

There are now several more little fellas that have cropped up, including a good chunk of the superhot peppers. The tomatoes are still leading the pack, while the rosemary is furthest behind. I’m thinking I may have planted the majority of them too deep, as I only have 1 measly little sprout between the soil and coco combined. The coco plugs have not germinated as well as the soil; I have 1 chive, 1 basil, and no rosemary. The rest of the seeds in coco managed to come up.

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2016-2017 Winter Grow: 11-09-16

It’s been a little over a week now since I shared pictures of my little herb grow and things are definitely moving along! I came down with a mean fever when the first plants were starting to sprout, and wasn’t able to check on them, so they grew quite leggy. I couldn’t believe how tall they got in such a short period of time. If I was on my game, I would have had them under the lights as soon as they broke soil, but I’m hoping I can salvage the leggy seedlings when I repot them by burying them in the soil a little deeper than normal.

I threw 3 lights into my wire rack to get things going quickly, but I plan to revamp it. I’ve ordered  this Black & White Poly to wrap around the rack and reflect light back in towards the plants.

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2016-2017 Winter Grow: The Germination Station

There’s nothing like a little indoor gardening to restore your chi when you’re nice and hungover from a Halloween party the night before. Today, I mustered the motivation to get all my seeds into soil, coco coir, and a couple rockwool cubes to start germinating. I’m starting a whole whack of seeds, since I figure I’ll probably inadvertently kill off 80% of them anyway. To recap, I’ve decided to grow a nice little variety of herbs, with a few other favourites of mine.

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The LED Garden 2016-2017 Winter Grow Starting Lineup

I visited a seed store called Apache Seeds today to browse through and pick out what I wanted to grow this winter. It’s getting very difficult to find seeds here at this time of year, but these guys had a great selection and are open year-round. I’ll definitely be visiting again. Last winter I started several different types of peppers in January, and they did really well. The only problem was that nobody but me wanted to eat them. With that in mind, I based my choices this year on what will prove enjoyable for my family and friends as well – here’s what I’ll be growing this Fall/Winter:



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