There’s nothing like a little indoor gardening to restore your chi when you’re nice and hungover from a Halloween party the night before. Today, I mustered the motivation to get all my seeds into soil, coco coir, and a couple rockwool cubes to start germinating. I’m starting a whole whack of seeds, since I figure I’ll probably inadvertently kill off 80% of them anyway. To recap, I’ve decided to grow a nice little variety of herbs, with a few other favourites of mine.

In soil, I have:

  • 6x Cilantro
  • 6x Rosemary
  • 6x Chives
  • 6x Basil
  • 6x Merlot Lettuce (I’m excited to see this one grow, as it has a really nice purple colour to it)
  • 6x Mexico Midget Tomatoes
  • 3x Chocolate Brain Strain Peppers
  • 3x 7 Pot Bubblegum Red Peppers
  • 3x Caramel Moruga Scorpion Peppers

In coco coir, I have 2 of everything above, with the exception of the cilantro (I ran out of coco pucks so I used 2 rockwool cubes) and the hot peppers, which I will not be growing hydroponically this year.


Don’t worry, I DEFINITELY won’t get these all mixed up with my shitty, barely visible sharpie markings for each row.


The total package with a healthy amount of dog fur sprinkled in for aeration.


I filled the bottom of the tray with water to allow the soil and pucks to soak it up. I misted the top of the soil plugs as well, to make sure the seeds get some moisture. I’ll let them soak for awhile, then get rid of the extra water.


Cover’s on and this baby’s ready to go. Here it is on the fridge where it’s a little warmer. Grow, you little bastards, grow!

Let me know in the comments below what you think the best method is for germinating seeds.

Aside from waiting for these babies to sprout, I’ve got some other exciting stuff in the works, but I’ll write about that when the parts come in. That’s all for today – back to lazing around the house!