I’ve been working on a little experiment lately.

I’ve got got 3 little 2’x2′ spaces set up in the basement, and each of them has a single Quantum Board in it. The first space on the left is a 4000K 80 CRI board, the second in the middle is a 3000K 80 CRI board, and the third is a 3000K 90 CRI board. Each of the 3 spaces has 4 jalapeno plants in it from the same pack of seeds, and I’m feeding all 12 plants the same amount of nutrients from the same batch, at the same time. All 3 boards are getting the same amount of power and are hung at the same height.

Here’s a picture of what they looked like a few weeks ago:

The plants have grown a bit since then and are starting to show some differences. All of them are now putting out flowers but I’ve been plucking them as I find them since I don’t want them to set any fruit yet and would rather veg them out into bigger plants first. Here’s a short video I took tonight that’s a little update on how things are going and what I’ve got cooking: