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2016-2017 Winter Grow: The Germination Station

There’s nothing like a little indoor gardening to restore your chi when you’re nice and hungover from a Halloween party the night before. Today, I mustered the motivation to get all my seeds into soil, coco coir, and a couple rockwool cubes to start germinating. I’m starting a whole whack of seeds, since I figure I’ll probably inadvertently kill off 80% of them anyway. To recap, I’ve decided to grow a nice little variety of herbs, with a few other favourites of mine.

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Build a Simple Ebb and Flow System

Hey all.

Last year I was going to do an ebb and flow system but decided to go another route (DWC just looked way cooler!). This year, I’m going to give it a try.

I rummaged through the stuff I had bought last year and put it all together tonight. I’ll be sure to get a video of this system in action once my plants are big enough for it.

How it Works

Ebb and flow diagram


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The LED Garden 2016-2017 Winter Grow Starting Lineup

I visited a seed store called Apache Seeds today to browse through and pick out what I wanted to grow this winter. It’s getting very difficult to find seeds here at this time of year, but these guys had a great selection and are open year-round. I’ll definitely be visiting again. Last winter I started several different types of peppers in January, and they did really well. The only problem was that nobody but me wanted to eat them. With that in mind, I based my choices this year on what will prove enjoyable for my family and friends as well – here’s what I’ll be growing this Fall/Winter:



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