HLG Quantum Board Kit Review: Part 3 – PPFD Measurements

The final video for the Quantum Board Kit review. Thanks again to HLG for sending the kits – these things rock!

COB LED Space Tote PPFD Testing

In a previous post, I built a pair of space buckets to start my 3000K and 5000K peppers in. The buckets worked excellently – they made it really easy to control temperature, humidity and airflow, and they got my peppers off to a great start. One of the best features of the buckets was how much light made it from the COB down to the plant canopy – especially after the walls were painted white. Off of a single Vero 18 COB, at the very bottom of the bucket I was getting a PPFD of 500 µMol/m2/S and at 12″ away from the COB, I was getting 1,100 µMol/m2/S. Having seen how well these worked, earlier this week, I set out to test out another popular “Space” device: the mighty Space Tote. Continue reading

Samsung LM561C Build: Testing PPFD

Hi everyone.

As I’m getting my shit together for this build, I’ve been testing a few different things along the way. This weekend, I assembled my strips into 2 lights that would be similar to the Horticulture Lighting Group’s QB288 boards. Each of the lights is comprised of 12 strips with each strip containing 24 diodes, for a total of 288 diodes per light. For now, I just taped all the strips together, then fastened each “light”  to a piece of wood to be able to hang them easier.

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Understanding Daily Light Integral (DLI)

One of the go-to lighting metrics of greenhouses is DLI, or Daily Light Integral, and you may see this acronym when you’re trying to figure out how much light a specific type of plant needs. Put simply, DLI is a measurement of how much usable light hits a certain area (one square meter, to be exact) per day.

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Lumens, PAR, PPF, and PPFD: Measuring COB Grow Light Output

Want to figure out how much light your COBs are giving your plants? Getting an accurate measurement is a little trickier than you might think.

A quick glance at your standard COB data sheet will probably show you one related specification: its luminous flux rating. While luminous flux is a good indicator of how bright a COB is at a certain wattage compared to others, it’s not the ideal way to quantify how much light your plants are getting. There are many different units and methods used for measuring light, like luminous flux, lux, foot-candles, PPF, and PPFD. Let’s have a lil’ gander at each.

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