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3000K vs 5000K Grow: Final Update

Warm temperatures have finally arrived and it’s time to move my indoor plants to the great outdoors. I started these peppers in December using 5 gallon space buckets, which they quickly outgrew. Once they were too big for the buckets, I moved each pepper into its own closet and moved one Vero 18 out of each space bucket into these 2 closets.  I initially had a Moruga scorpion and a Chocolate Brainstrain under each light, but due to an incident involving my beloved hound, one of the Chocolate Brainstrain plants was broken in half, so the only real comparison is between the Morugas. Here are the peppers on their last day under the lights:

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3000K vs. 5000K Space Bucket Update: 02-16-17

Hey all.

My bucket peppers are looking pretty healthy.  It’s interesting to see how the 2 types of plants look so different now – it’s easy to tell the Scorpions from the Brainstrains, but it’s difficult to tell which are 3000K and which are 5000K plants. At this point, they are still nearly indistinguishable. The 3000K Scorpion has more bulk to it than its 5000K counterpart, but the Brainstrain plants are very similar in size and structure.

I think the timing for Spring is going to work out very nicely for these plants; usually, I’m moving plants outside in the first week of June. These guys should have an excellent head start on producing peppers before it gets too cold again at the end of August. I really shouldn’t even be thinking of this summer coming to an end yet though! Spring is still a ways away so I’ve got plenty of time to enjoy scooping frozen dog shit off my barren tundra wasteland of a lawn before the birds start singing and the icicles start melting.

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The Best Drivers for Single COB Systems

There’s a ton of information out there about finding drivers for your 4+ COB systems, but not a whole lot regarding drivers for setups with only 1 COB. The main problem is that most of the popular drivers for bigger systems have constant current ranges that are too high for a single COB, so they won’t work. We’ll need to find smaller drivers with similar characteristics in order to properly power your single COB grow light.

This post will examine a few different constant current drivers that will work for single COBs of different voltages. Note that these models are chosen with 120V AC power in mind, and may not work if your mains are 230V or whatever else. Always check the input voltage rating in the data sheet to be sure.

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3000K vs. 5000K Space Bucket Update: 01-25-17

Time for another update on this log, but first, a quick note: I shut down the forum section on the site since it was causing a lot of problems with bots sniffing around and spam users registering. There wasn’t a whole lot of discussion going on anyway, so it’s easy enough to just do away with it. That being said, I’d still love to chat about any questions you guys might have, see your builds, or just shoot the shit about any other interesting LED stuff. From here on, just hit me up on twitter or Facebook, or use the contact page on the site.

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Okay, maybe that title is a little sensationalized. This is hardly a smackdown – it’s barely a schoolyard slap fight – but I’m gonna stick with it because it’s so dumb that it made me laugh aloud when I typed it. Today I kicked off a new lil’ experiment in which I’m going to compare a 3000K vs. 5000K LED grow light.

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Build an LED COB Space Bucket

A note prior to getting started:  most people that build space buckets use them to grow weed – the links I have provided to the official space bucket website showcase some pretty impressive engineering of the systems themselves but are NSFW since many build logs include pictures of weed growing, so don’t visit during work!

After discovering and browsing the r/spacebuckets subreddit and seeing all the incredible things the folks from that community have built, I was inspired to build my own pair of space buckets using the 2 LED COB grow lights I put together last week. If this post intrigues you, I recommend you check out the subreddit as well as visiting the space buckets website itself.

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