Viparspectra 300 vs. HLG 65 Quantum Board – Week 3



  1. Really hope to see quantum board out powering vipar. I’ve used vipar with OK results. But these newer gen leds are working like dreams 🙂

  2. Sample size! 2 plants (per sub-species) is too little. To get results with any significance (I’m not about to get into statistical jargon) you need a sample size of 7 at the very least. I’m still curious to see the results, but this wouldn’t make it to any meta-analysis.

    Another thing which is unclear is why use the 60W HLG model, rather than another larger QB driven to the same wattage as the Viper.

    Yes, hanging the more powerful light higher up should mitigate part of the difference between the two, partially leveling the field, but why not get more comparable players to begin with? It would make results that much clearer.

    • LEDGardener

      January 7, 2018 at 3:50 pm

      For sure. I’m well aware of the validity of this experiment – I just don’t have the means to run 10 of each type. I’m more curious to see if the average Joe can get the same results as the super popular Vipar with half the power – I don’t aim to provide much meaningful data from it.

      One reason I went with the HLG 65 is the price of it. If people can spend about the same as the Vipar and get equal results with half the power, that’s a good deal. I am confident that the 135W kit would blow it out of the water and felt this would be a more equal matchup.

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