Hi everyone.

I’ve been rambling on here for about 4 months now and it’s awesome to have more and more people reaching out via email or comments. Since i’m feeling far too spent to do any useful research tonight, what I’d like to dedicate this post to is finding out what you all would like to see more of.  Before I get into that though, I have to share how pumped I am about something: I just placed my order for an Apogee SQ-500 quantum sensor today (finally!), so I’m super fucking excited to get my hands on it and start doing some testing with it when it arrives in a week or two. In the meantime, I’ve been brainstorming on what I can try with this new tool and have a come up with a few things.

Ideas for Testing with the Apogee Sensor:

  • Finding out how much PPFD you can expect with different COBs in different sized enclosures
    • I think this will prove handy to space bucket/tote/other stealth growers to give a better idea of how many COBs they need for each enclosure type, and how much current they’ll need to run to hit X PPFD.
  • Experimenting with different types of reflective materials to see how much of a difference they make.
  • Experimenting with different layouts of various multiples of COBs to try to find optimal spacing.
  • Straight up head-to-head testing of different comparable COBs at the same current.
  • Finding out how accurate the theoretical PPFD calculators floating around the net are.

This is what I’ve thought up for  now – if you have another test you’d like to see, please share and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Other Ideas for the Blog in the Future

Aside from all the things the new meter will allow me to post about, I’ve been mulling over the possibility of a few other ideas. I could:

  • Conduct some short interviews with some of the well-known members of the COB community from Reddit, Rollitup, etc.. I think it’d be neat to do feature posts on the MVPs of the COB game and gain some insight on what kind of stuff they’re working on and experimenting with.
  • Try growing some bizarre shit. I’m thinking exotic fruits and vegetables that I might actually stand a chance of successfully keeping alive.
  • Run some contests or giveaways. I think it’d be fun to get a group of participants together and have a basil grow-off, or see who can get the best tomato plant out of a solo cup, or something.

So, what do you figure? What would you prefer to see? Please vote below and if your answer isn’t listed, pencil it in 😀


  1. Congrats on the buy, I’d love to buy the sq-520 as well, but can’t afford it atm (it’s 40% pricier in Europe). I’m very interested on your coming results in PAR/lux conversions (?) for different LED’s and hope I can catch up with the metering gear this year.
    My vote goes for growing weird shit, since I want to grow, but can not go to weeird 😉
    Contest is a great idea as well.

    • LEDGardener

      April 6, 2017 at 11:50 pm

      Damn, that’s expensive! Sorry for late reply, this got lost in my comment queue. I’m still trying to find a way to build a circuit to amplify the sensor output… I may just bite the bullet and order the expensive pre-made Blue Acro circuit. Thanks for your input, I’ll look for something funky to grow for ya 😀

  2. is that your german shepherd? Looks just like mine

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